About Us

CARGO WORTHY FREIGHT SERVICES, INC. (CWFSI) was established last June 2003, guided and shaped by a clear vision, a concise mission, and a strong conviction to succeed as one of the leading freight forwarder in the Philippines. The company has moved forward with dedication and an unwavering commitment since day one.


CWFSI brings integrated multimodal forwarding services to our clients and agents with a very specific goal in mind “to make their lives easier.” We believe in increasing efficiency by aligning with our clients’ needs to provide the appropriate services and support so they can concentrate on what matters most to them – their business.


We work hard to make sure that every concern and challenges our clients meet becomes an opportunity to bring profitable end result to their business.  We are not just a service provider, we are a business partner. We share our clients’ aspirations, work to understand and provide their requirements, and align our service to their objectives, so they know we are in this together.


But this is only a part of what we are.  The rest is about our people, our values, our passion, and our way of doing things – intangibles that cannot be financially measured but are uniquely tailored, pragmatic, holistic and enduring.